A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Sphere is about a ball, who you can shoot with your keyboard to the

next walls. From this place you have to shoot the ball again.

The end of this game is to get the ball in the goal of every level.

You can play 54 tricky levels and 6 boss fights in less than 20 minutes.

... if you are very good. :)

Update version Sphere 1.2.4

- 10 more levels ( 9 new levels + 1 new bosslevel )

- better performance

- new animations

- new game and intro - background music

- new layouts

Install instructions

! You need the newest Java - Version for playing. !

It still does not work? Install the newest 32 Bit AND 64 Bit - Java Version


Sphere 1.2.4 [Windows].zip (21 MB)
Sphere 1.2.4 [Linux].zip (21 MB)
Sphere 1.1.2 [Windows].zip (9 MB)
Sphere 1.1.2 [Linux].zip (9 MB)

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