A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Urban era 1502

The legend tells,

that there is an island, which is to contain many new raw materials.

With these, the occupier of this country will be able to produce a wealth of unimaginable value.

The question is not whether we will look for it. Thousands of adventurers have already ventured to the high seas to search for this island.

It is also written that the country has not only raw materials but also a treasure that hides the real value of the island.

Our king has commanded us to sail with a ship into a country where most of the indices have been found to the treasure.

It would be stupid to believe that one is not looking for competitors and dangers.

We write: "Urban era 1502".

Install instructions

! You need the newest Java - Version for playing. !

It still does not work? Install the newest 32 Bit AND 64 Bit - Java Version


Urban era 1502 [Windows].zip 86 MB
Urban era 1502 [Linux].zip 86 MB